• Techniques for Lexmark printer setup

    Have you been using Lexmark printer device? Is your Lexmark printer has set up already? Do you need your Lexmark printer setup? Are you that Lexmark printer user who want to get Lexmark printer setup? If you are the same person who is using Lexmark printer but your printer has been not setup still yet. But you want to get your Lexmark printer setup and for that process, you’re waiting for someone who will help you for your Lexmark printer setup. So here you will get the best method to your Lexmark printer setup. You just need to stay here and read our article carefully for your Lexmark printer setup.Lexmark Printer Support

    Ways to Lexmark printer setup

    There are some easy tips are giving for your Lexmark printer setup you need to apply it and getting solve your Lexmark printer setup issue

    Method 1: For Lexmark Printer Setup

    1. First, you make sure that if your printer and system are added using an Ethernet network or direct wireless.
    2. After that, you may go to see the Lexmark support page.
    3. Whenever you may go to see there. press on choose your thing button.
    4. Now, choose the manual icon.
    5. After all, press on the start button which will get on the same side.
    6. It will help you to download the connection of your Lexmark printer setup utility tool.
    7. If the once downloading process is done, install immediately properly.
    8. Go through the End-user license statement and allow it to get to the next move.
    9. Please press on the install icon and then choose the option to complete.
    10. Now, you must to choose your desire thing and allow to move next.
    11. Choose your Lexmark printer account and ready to move to another step.
    12. If all terms are completed properly so again press on the next to move button.
    13. Press on the ok button to complete the tasks.

    Here is another way to connect your Lexmark printer setup with the wireless server. If you want to your Lexmark printer setup with the wireless server so this is only for you.

    Method 2: For Lexmark Printer Setup

    1. First of all, you ensure your direct wireless connection is already set up and running properly.
    2. And whatever system used by you that machine is attached with the same server of wireless.
    3. Where you desire to set up the Lexmark printer.
    4. Insert the power wire to your Lexmark printer and then to the proper plug in the power source point, and after your Lexmark printer switching it on.
    5. Insert the power wire with your Lexmark computer, and again your printer switching it on.
    6. You believe that both devices (printer or computer) are totally on and ready.
    7. Please do not use the USB cable until the computer will not show you.
    8. Please use for inserting the software and documentation CD.
    9. If you don’t have any things so please you must go to the manufacturer’s website and download it.
    10. After that open the software and driver and continue to run.
    11. Press install and then apply the guidance which you will see on your system screen.
    12. Choose a wireless network option if said to select a network type.
    13. From the side of the wireless configuration dialog. Choose instructed setup (Suggested).

    If unfortunately, you are not able to run or your Lexmark printer setup so you have to need to make contact with Lexmark printer experts team.

    Lexmark Printer Support Assistance

    If you need to take help from Lexmark printer experts so you can simply contact their experts. You just call on Lexmark printer support phone number and whenever they will make contact you so their experienced technician ready to help of you to your Lexmark printer setup.

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  • If you are the user of Dell PC or Laptop any device and you have been installed Dell Support Assistant Software for protecting your computer or laptop from ran somewhere and somehow the reason now your installed software has been showing any kind of issue which you are not able to get understand about that all, in that case, we can help you to fix errors whatever you are facing. Therefore, we did share this blog for those who need to fix the issue which is showing or coming from their installed Dell Support Assistant software. Here we will tell you below that How to Solve out Dell Support Assistant Issues?

    We confirm that, if you really will follow our given steps with proper guidance after, you can easily solve out your issue related to Dell Support Assistant software.

    How to Solve Out Dell Support Assistant Issues?

    You can download Dell Support Assistant software from the app of Microsoft Store or the official site of Dell support, already you been known well. But the main problem is that if any user download Dell Support Assistant software from any site so during the installing time why they do not complete the installing process properly? What’s the reason behind do you think ever before?

    Most of the people say they don’t know the reason behind means which causes this error is showing or getting trouble. And they try to get the best solution for getting solved the problem easily without facing any more issue. Some user gets easily the solution through their searching keyword efforts. But some has to be faced the failure. It all depends on their mentality.dell support assistant

    If you are also suffering from any kind of issue which you are not getting solved out by yourself, in that case, you should read our blog carefully, because below we did give the best method to solve out your issue. We did share some and important points which can help you in solving your issue. You just need to follow and apply carefully, after; your issue will be solved out easily whereas we feel. If by, unfortunately, it does not work then, you can take help from Dell Support Assistant Experts.

    We are telling you 2 types of methods which can help you to fix the problem related to Dell Support Assistant.

    1. First of all, open the official site of Dell Support.
    2. Input the service tag #, after you have to detect your device.
    3. Before its all, You should have to be known that, this method will work when you will use the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera
    • Windows Explorer

    This method will not work correctly when you will use these given following way:

    1. Brave
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Epic

    e.g. When the diagnose will select for the Optiplex 960 then, a message will generate on-screen immediately which would be written that this is not supporting the system because it supports only Windows 8,7,10 which prompts, the OS is not getting detected.

    This is the second method which you should have to be followed properly if you want to download and install Dell Support Assistant software for your Dell computer or laptop good health.

    First of all, we tell you that, this site can detect your laptop or PC for that the device requires Dell Support Assist. If the first method you do apply and you fail to download the Dell Support Assistant, in that case, you can apply these given points for downloading and installing the protective software.

    Go to the official website of Dell support after, follow the all given instructions given below:

    1. Click on the Window icon which will be showing left at the bottom.
    2. When it will open then find notepad option and click it.
    3. Write: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c C:\”Program Files”\Dell\SupportAssistAgent\bin\SupportAssistUI.exe Launch.
    4. Press the right button of your mouse after, the small window will appear you which form you have to select the option of new> shortcut.
    5. Now, copy the second option sentence which given above after, paste it into the box of “Type the location of the item”.
    6. Click the button of next for going ahead.
    7. Now you will see the Cmd name option, please rename it with Support Assist then, click the button of finish.
    8. Now, the icon of in black color will be saved on your desktop screen with a new name.
    9. Go to the icon and click on that for its launching and follow the all-screen instructions correctly which will be showing you.
    10. After, when you will close Dell Support Assistant the screen of command will be closed by default.

    We hope so these steps will work for you to getting solved your issue of Dell Support Assistant. If you are not able to solve out Dell Support Assistant issue after following all methods. So, now you have to take help from Dell Tech Support.

    Dell Customer Support

    Dell Customer Service is always online for its customer 24*7. If any user needs to talk with the certified technician about their issue. In that case, the technician will help you to solve out your issue at any cost. Because do the care of our customer is the first priority for us first of all. Please don’t panic, if you needed, call Dell Support Phone Number anytime with the feel free mind.


    reference: https://mygeekshelp.hatenablog.com/entry/2019/09/01/044046

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  • Verizon is a well-known company, it is located in the United States. This is a telecommunication company and a range of mobile services and server for all its users. Verizon made announcements in 2017 that want to stop their email services because that want to keep focusing on their another service as well as emails. Because they want to provide their better services for their users. According to their announcement and regarding their discontinuation email service. Verizon encouraged the all email subscriber to migrate Verizon email to AOL and other email service provider.

    Migrate Verizon Email To AOL

    If you also want to migrate Verizon email to AOL or other email service provider so, this article only for you. Here we mentioned some easy and very important points which you have to follow for transferring your account to another emails provider.Migrate Verizon email to aol

    Also Read: AOL Email not Working on iPhone

    For transferring the Verizon account to another emails platform first, you need to make a log in the old account on the “Verizon Email Page” as well as login onto the page of “AOL”.

    If you are unable to log in the account on Verizon, then you should call on Verizon customer phone number and talk with the technical person and tell the issue whichever you are facing. Though, ensure that the all given point should be following by you properly with the same guidance and as well as your account should be registered on AOL. If this will not happen then you may be lost your all previously stored data from your Verizon old account if once you will make the deadline pass.

    Steps to Migrate Verizon Email To AOL

    You need to follow the all given point for stopping your Verizon emails because according to the announcements Verizon has alerted their all users to transfer their emails to another or AOL emails service provider. Please follow it and transferring your account easily:

    1. Open the website of webmail.verizon.com on any browser and when it will open and the login page will show you please log in the old account.
    2. Now, go to on Inbox folder and hit that for opening. When that will open then see any message has come from Verizon.
    3. If you will see the message has come already so please click the given link and follow all steps which are given on the option of migration.
    4. Keep continuing and proceed as well as.
    5. The option 1 please read which keeps your recent email account and save all previous data.
    6. Now, check the second option whichever be showing and read that “Make a new and fresh emails provider.
    7. For making transfer success of Verizon to another email accounts please choose the 1 option.
    8. If you will get the success it means the process of migrating Verizon email to AOL after, the process of registration of AOL Emails will be started automatically.

    Also Read: Install AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

    After completing all sources of migrating Verizon email to AOL which that have asked before from you. You can sign in the Verizon emails account on new Aol or another email account where you made the transfer before. During registering the account on AOL as well as you will get the permission to access all contacts which related the emails of Verizon. As well as the folders of email and calendar you can use on AOL. Once the user will transfer their Verizon account on another service than their all previous important data which kept on their old Verizon account that will be migrated on their new user account whatever they are using.

    Verizon Customer Help Support

    If the users are facing trouble to migrate Verizon email to AOL or another email provider platform. So, for making it easier, the users can contact with the Verizon customer help support. For contact with the technicians of Verzion, the users can dial in their Verizon customer phone number once. Because the customer helpline services are always online 24*7 for their customer.

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  • Have you heard about ATT Email? Have you used it ever? Have you tried to make an account on ATT Email? Did you understand to use ATT Email? Are you satisfied to use ATT Email? Have you got an error 553 from your ATT Email? Are you able to fix that error? Do you need help to get away that error from your ATT Email? Listen, if you have made an account on ATT Email platform and you are facing error from your ATT Email now and you need technical person help? If you want to resolve the error code 553 of your AT&T Email Support. For that, you have to read this article carefully. If you read the article and follow the all given steps as did share. So you can definitely to get rid it of the error from ATT Email.

    Cause of issue to showing Error Code 553 Of ATT Email:

    First of all, you have to get to know why this error has come through ATT Email? By the way, many reasons may have included behind creates this kind of error. But we got most of the time, which reasons we are sharing below that are playing the major role behind it generally.

    1. This error code 553 Of ATT Email may have faced by you when the issue related with your server. You have to check carefully that your server is communicating with the main source of the network or not.
    2. The improper settings can be the major issue behind this error.
    3. Filled the wrong username, as well as password, also may be created the problem.
    4. When the email id to be corrupted or network is not valid.
    5. When you send the much of emails together it can be the issue behind of showing Error Code 553 Of ATT Email.

    So, till now on the above side, we told about all the issues of showing the Error Code 553 Of ATT Email which faces by the many people who are using ATT Email.ATT Email Support

    Now, we talk about some major effects which can be due to Error Code 553 Of ATT Email with any user.

    1. You may be faced with the issue of receiving or sending emails.
    2. You may be faced the issue of opening your ATT Email account.
    3. The screen of your computer may be showing the error messages in a much quantity.
    4. You may get some blocked or corrupt messages on your ATT Email account.

    Now, we talk about its resolving the way that how can we resolve the Error Code 553 Of ATT Email. Below some troubleshooting the way to get away the error of ATT Email. We think that you should be followed exactly and get the relief from that.

    Troubleshooting methods for getting solve the ATT Email Error:

    1. We think you should try to check the emails whichever you are talking about and want to get the way or troubleshooting source.
    2. Then, please check the connection of your internet as well as reset the router and modem.
    3. Now, reload the browser window. Additionally, remove the all old history, caches, password and cookies of that browser window.
    4. In order to, open the browser window and see that open any another website on that platform. And check the connection of the server.

    ATT Email Technical Help

    If you want to take help from the certified experts from ATT Email Support. So you can make a call on ATT Email Support Phone Number. Because it is the very easiest way to talk with the technical person of ATT Email Experts. After, picking your call the technical person will talk to you and asks about the issue from you. After listening to the issue, the technical person will tell you the troubleshooting source to fix the problem.

    We also offer services as:

    1. Incredimail Support Phone Number
    2. Roadrunner Email Support Number
    3. SBCGlobal Email Support
    4. LiveMail Support Number

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  • The Corporation of Malwarebytes produces the software of anti-malware to keep securing a computer or any digital devices. And its production software is very useful and any person can download or install or purchase Malwarebytes Antivirus Software. This software comes to use for the only computer or other digital devices protection. If the user may have faced trouble from Malwarebytes Antivirus so for their help Malwarebytes Customer Service that is always available its official website or any internet service.

    Benefits of install or download Malwarebytes Antivirus:

    If you will get to know about benefits to install or download Malwarebytes Antivirus. So you will also be excited about installing Malwarebytes Antivirus. And Malwarebytes Customer Service is the best option for reaching to the technical man.

    1. When the person will install or download Malwarebytes Antivirus software from its official website. After installed, the user will not need to take any kind of worry about their computer or other digital devices. About which device, wherein the person wants to install or download Malwarebytes Antivirus.
    2. After downloaded, Malwarebytes Antivirus will detect all bad threats from the device automatically.
    3. After will detect, Malwarebytes antivirus will fight with them all bad viruses and get them out from that device easily.
    4. After finishing the all bad viruses, your computer device will keep securing again.
    5. And you can also use Malwarebytes Antivirus with another existing antivirus file.

    If you want to download or install Malwarebytes Antivirus and you don’t know the way to that process. So, in this case, you can take help from the technical man. For that, you can use Malwarebytes Customer Service Number.

    Malwarebytes Customer ServiceMalwarebytes Customer Service

    The error which comes from due to Malwarebytes Antivirus Software:

    There are many reasons may available about behind Malwarebytes stopped working. But we are telling you only about four which is mostly complaints by the users.

    1. The error of 20025 due to Malwarebytes.
    2. The issue of Non-Accessibility of Sites.
    3. The issue of Disabled the protection of Malicious of Website.
    4. The issue of unable the connection of Malwarebytes to the network.

    Ways to solve the issue of Malwarebytes errors mentioned above:

    Here some easiest points which you have to follow for fix the issue which related to Malwarebytes. If you will be not able to get solve the issue after following the points. So, you should use Malwarebytes Customer Support Number for making contact with experts.

    (A)Error – 20025 due to Malwarebytes –

    1. It mostly happens while installing Malwarebytes Antivirus and the screen window will show you the error as well as. 1. It may show while installing the corrupt file.
    2. It may be due to improper installation.
    3. It may be due to anyone infected file which related all program files.

    Solution –

    1. When 20025 error will come please repair the entries registry linked with that.
    2. After, you have to scan the system against the threats.
    3. Check the driver which are using, that is updated or not.
    4. Please remove the old version of Malwarebytes Antivirus. After, you have to download or reinstall again that.
    5. Now, update all windows of your pc and install the latest update Malwarebytes Antivirus.

    We hope these points will help you to solve the problem. If will not work then you have to use Malwarebytes Customer Service Phone Number and should be talking with technicians about in all cases.

    (B) Error – Non-Accessibility of Sites –

    1. It may show due to default DNS. The website is free from malicious or not, that detects by Malwarebytes.
    2. If any website is corrupted so on that’s website page the pop-up message will be signaling on screen. It means this is not a safe site for opening.

    Solution –

    If you have desired to see the website ahead (which is not safe), so at that time, press the right button on the icon of Malwarebytes and uncheck the blocking sites. If you will do the above steps, then you can check the website which you have made a desire before.

    (C) Error – Disable Protection of Malicious Website

    When Malwarebytes will come into malicious websites then it will corrupt by those threats. After, your installed Malwarebytes will not protect the device from malicious threats. And this situation may be major slowly-slowly and may hang the device whatever you are using. We are telling some easy steps for solving the error if it will not work. Then you should try to take help from a technical master. You can talk with them through Malwarebytes Customer Service Number.

    Solution –

    If you will get to find something else which about we mentioned above. So please read the points carefully which given below.

    1. First, switch off the device.
    2. Please switch on the device now.
    3. Now, take the mouse icon arrow on the dashboard and hit on that after, hit on the update for starting the process.
    4. This process will get you the new updated version of Malwarebytes Antivirus.
    5. Right press on Malwarebytes icon tray after, you will see the exit option and press on that for close it.
    6. Now, visit on the menu of program or desktop shortcut.
    7. Now, press on the restart option of the program of Malwarebytes.
    8. Now, check the problem, that is still there or not.
    9. If the problem is still there or will not. Please reboot the device immediately.

    (D) Error – unable the connection of Malwarebytes to the network –

    If you see the message of “Unable the connection of Malwarebytes to the network“. It comes occurs when anti-malware is having some problems with its functionality. If any reasons you are not able to solve the issue then, please use Malwarebytes Technical Support Number. But before that, we think you should be applying the ways of the last solution to getting solve the error.

    Solution –

    1. Reboot the system if you want to solve this problem.
    2. By clicking on run option from service settings your system will boot the Windows automatically. After, your problem can be solved easily.
    3. Go to the start icon option, which is given at the bottom left on the screen after will reach on that, type there “msc” in the search box.
    4. After clicking, the “Services” options window will show you on screen.
    5. Do scroll down for reaching on “Malwarebytes” option. When it will appear please press on that.
    6. Now, you will see the properties option.
    7. Now, you will see “Startup Type” or “Automatic
    8. After, “Service Status” will be displaying.
    9. At last, the “Running” option will be displayed on the screen.

    If you will press on “Running” after the Malwarebytes Antivirus will be launched automatically. After, installing you can use this software for keeping protect your computer device. If still, it is showing error so please use Malwarebytes Customer Service this is the last option which can through you can talk with experts.

    Malwarebytes  Tech Support Phone Number

    If you want to take help of the experts so you can dial a Malwarebytes Tech Support Phone Number. After dialing, the technical man will receive the call and talk with you. You can tell your problem to take a solution from the certified experts on a call.

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